Best Elden Ring Perfumer build, stats, and weapons


Shadow of the Erdtree finally allows you to put together a real project Elden Ring perfume compilationand you have a lot of flexibility in deciding how you want it to work. You can opt for elemental builds – assuming you have the stats for it – exploit perfume bottles as a secondary weapon to power up another build, or ignore all other weapons and just throw sparks at enemies. The particularly powerful Ash of War, unique to perfumers, makes the latter option more possible than you might think.

Our Elden Ring Perfumery compilation covers what stats you need to make this work and which weapons and talismans work best.

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Elden Ring perfume compilation

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Edition: Weapon

You have several perfume weapons to choose from, and you should choose more than one. The available options are:

  • Firespark perfume bottle (fire damage)
  • Chilling Perfume Bottle (Frost damage, creates Frostbite)
  • Lightning Perfume Bottle (Lightning Damage)
  • Frenzyflame perfume bottle (fire damage, builds madness meter)
  • Deadly Poison perfume bottle (physical damage, builds poison meter)

Perfume bottles are lithe enough that even structures with low strength and equipment load can carry two, and perhaps even a lithe melee weapon, a staff of magic, or a faith-based sigil.

Our pick for the best perfume bottle that will work in almost any situation is the Deadly Poison Perfume Bottle, which can be obtained at the beginning of the expansion, after meeting and talking to Thiollier for the first time. After the conversation ends, he allows you to buy some poison-themed items, including a set of bottles. This set deals physical damage, so you can strip some of an enemy’s health even if they have poison resistance.

The downside is that you need some Arcane skill for the poison set, which you probably don’t have unless you’re running an Elden Ring bleed build or using dragon spells. This limits your selection of a second bottle to shoot unless you are very high level and have spare stat points. You can consider supplementing your poison kit with a katana or, in the case of lighter equipment, a martial arts hand weapon.

If you choose the second bottle, our top choices would be Lightning or Chilling Perfume. Chilling is perfect for inflicting Frostbite, a condition that many enemies and even bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree are prone to, and relatively few enemies in the base game or DLC have immunity to lightning. You can’t go wrong with any choice.

Another thing worth noting is that you can wield perfume bottles twice, and using the left attack button will spit out a stream from each bottle. There is a weird quirk to dual-wielding though, as this dual attack does less damage than using either bottle alone, so keep that in mind.

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Edition: Top Stats and Class

You’ll need to adjust your stats depending on which perfume bottle you choose, but Dexterity is a common stat for all of them.

  • Skill: Dexterity helps you cast spells and skills faster and generally makes you more agile. Each perfume bottle scales with Dexterity as its main stat, so this is an area you want to invest a lot of skill points into. While ideally you’d be aiming for a supple stat cap of 50-60, any perfume bottle with an extra stat – that’s all except Firespark – scales higher with the second start.

  • Secondary statistics: So, if you’re not using Spark of Fire, focus on your bottle’s secondary stats – Faith for Lightning, Arcane for Poison, and Intelligence for Chilling bottles. Frenzyflame also requires strength and intelligence, although the scaling is low so you get smaller gains at higher levels. This set works primarily as a secondary weapon in a configuration where strength is a priority.
  • Vigor: You won’t last long in Shadow of the Erdtree without a lot of Vigor, the stat that determines your HP, so make sure you have at least 50 invested there.
  • Class: Your starting class doesn’t really matter at this point, so don’t worry about it.
  • Vigor: 50
  • Mind: 30
  • Endurance: 30
  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 40
  • Intelligence: 9 (45-50 if that’s your secondary stat)
  • Faith: 9 (45-50 if that’s your secondary stat)
  • Arcane: 9 (45-50 if that’s your secondary stat)

These are just general guidelines to follow, but if you start Shadow of the Erdtree at level 150 or higher, as FromSoftware recommends, you can master much of the game before you even set foot in the Shadowlands. Customize as you wish, depending on how it suits your playstyle. For example, if you don’t exploit any spells, you can significantly lower your Mind stat because Perfume Bottles and their War Ashes skills exploit very little FP.

It’s also worth noting that some players had fantastic success using less than optimized setups, where their main stats were often 10 points lower than the supple cap.

Regardless, make sure you prioritize Vigor, Dexterity, and your secondary stat before anything else. If you’re using a different weapon, choose your melee weapon based on your main bottle’s secondary stats – for example, the Darkmoon Greatsword for Chilling bottles, or the Blasphemous Sword for Lightning bottles. You can also invest a bit more in Dexterity and run Dryleaf Arts from Dryleaf Dane along with the perfume bottles.

Perfumer’s Edition of Elden Ring: Ashes of War

Perfumers have a tiny but useful selection of Ashes of War to choose from, but if you want to maximize your damage, you only need one.

  • A rolling spark: Rolling Spark creates a cone of perfume sparks that explodes, dealing damage based on the element your bottle comes from. The damage dealt is high, and the cone’s range is deep enough to hit enemies even from a long distance. Overall, this is an excellent choice, but especially if you have a lithe build without solid armor
  • Mist Raptor: Raptor of the Mists is useful for a quick escape, as it briefly disappears into the fog if a melee attack comes. The downside is that you sacrifice damage output and will have to rely on powerful attacks to make your bottles reach further.
  • Wall of Sparks: He is All right. He sees you come full circle and create, well, a wall of sparks. This sounds fancy and looks neat, but it’s only useful when you’re surrounded by hostile mobs. The sparks only deal damage once, so it’s better to just avoid rolling to safety.
  • Earthshaker Horaha Loux: This version of Earthshaker works with any weapon and is useful for stunning enemies and keeping them at bay. It doesn’t deal exceptional damage though, so only consider using this option if Perfume Bottle is your secondary weapon.

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Edition: The Best Talismans

Perfumers only get one Elden Ring talisman specific to them, but there are several others that also escalate the effectiveness of your set.

  • Perfumer’s talisman: This is a must as it increases the damage of all Perfumery attacks by 20 percent. This is a boost that can be easily obtained without any strings attached.
  • Alexander’s Shard: Alexander’s Shard increases all skill power – that is, Ash War and weapon skills – by 15 percent, making it a must-have choice if you’re using Rolling Spark.
  • Erdtree’s Grace +2: Erdtree’s Grace increases your Vigor, Stamina, and Equipment Charge, which is a useful set of buffs that allow you to invest your stat points elsewhere.
  • Charm of the Blue Dancer: If your build doesn’t have much durability, this is a good option because it increases your attack power when the load on your equipment is low.
  • Great Shield of the Dragon Circle: Dragoncrest reduces physical damage taken by 20 percent, making it a must-have if you’re running with medium or lithe armor and low gear.

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Edition: Spells and Witchcraft

You can exploit magic with Perfumers without too much trouble because Perfumers need to invest in either Intelligence or Faith. Most of these are alternative methods of attack, as Elden Ring doesn’t have many elemental enhancing spells to exploit. Consider equipping spells that cover your elemental weaknesses – for example, Glintstone Icecrag if you exploit Firespark bottles, or Frozen Lightning Spear to complement Poison bottles.

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Edition: The Ultimate Armor

Elden Ring has the Perfumer armor set, but it’s really just for looks and roleplaying. The set has absolutely nothing to offer in the way of Perfume – or anything else for that matter. That said, this is a lightweight kit, so if you’re low on gear, consider equipping it.

Most stat-boosting helmets come with a price, with the exception of those that can sometimes be stolen from dead enemies and some items exclusive to Shadow of Erdtree.

  • Imp’s Head (Cat): Faith +2
  • Imp’s Head (Elder): Arcane +2
  • Queen’s Crescent Crown: Intelligence +3
  • Thiollier’s Mask: Arcane +3
  • High Priest’s Hat: Arcane and Intelligence +2

Consider choosing one of these if you need extra assist raising stats other than Dexterity. However, they are not vital, so you can wear whatever best suits your body type and needs.

For more information about Elden Ring, check out our guides on where to find all the map pieces, how to complete Leda’s mission, and how to access Rabbath’s Hill for more secrets.

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