American Truck Simulator is heading to Iowa in a future DLC


American Truck Simulator already has DLC in development that will take its 18-wheelers to Arkansas and Missouri, but SCS Software has also started building a third: Iowa.

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The announcement on Steam talks about the attractions on offer in the state, from the capital city of Des Moines to scenic views of the Mississippi River. It also noted that while “Iowa is not the largest state in the U.S., it is certainly home to many of the ‘world’s largest…’.” You will find many captivating sights along your journey.”

Naturally, I had to Google it and found out that Iowa has the biggest ones: a garden gnome, a bull statue, a star statue, and a Cheeto (not a statue). I hope each of them will be present in the game, even if Cheeto is technically too tiny to be seen from the cabin window.

Of course, you will also pass many corn fields. This is my lasting memory of riding the train through Iowa about fifteen years ago.

There’s no release date for the expansion yet – those are usually brisk approaching, and I imagine Arkansas and Missouri will be the first to see the airy of day. You can find however, you can find more screenshots on Steam.

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