🌦️ Sheep Racing Weather Voting Event 🌦️


Are you ready for a little weather challenge combined with some fun? We’ve got just that! We’re excited to introduce a brand recent event that’s sure to spice up your sheep farming experience: a recent forecast event!

The action begins on June 21 and will last through the muggy peak of summer until July 18. That’s almost four weeks of electrifying predictions and chances to win!

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πŸ—“ Event duration

  • Start date: June 21, 2024
  • End date: July 18, 2024

🎁 Prizes: from tickets to treasures

  • Basic prize: There is a pool available for each race 5,000 betting tickets shared among those who correctly guess the weather. Improve your prediction and you’ll get a share of the reward.
  • Main prize: Are you the most enthusiastic forecaster? Use the most vNGIT to vote during the event and you could win a huge amount $1000 in USDT.

🌀 How to participate

Getting started is effortless:

  1. Follow the racing threads: Each race will have its own thread on our event feed, just like our Shear Luck event.
  2. Cast your vote: Once the thread is live, go in and vote on what the weather will be like during the race.
  3. Collect your tickets: Guess correctly before the race starts and you will receive a share of 5,000 betting tickets.
  4. Aim for the grand prize: Use the official weather voting feature on our website as often as possible to earn 1000 USDT.

Additional Details:

  • Two ways to engage: You can participate in Discord just for fun – no vNGIT required. But if you are earnest about winning, operate your vNGIT on ours weather voting page affect the actual stakes in ticket races.
  • Increase your chances: By using the weather voting feature, you not only escalate your chances of winning, but also improve your chances of betting on races.
  • About vNGIT: New to this? vNGIT is an official voting pass – awarded to users who facilitate us by providing liquidity using NGIT and MARD tokens on Klayswap.


  • In the event of a tie, all prizes will be divided equally among the winners.
  • Prizes will be distributed after the event.

Weather or not, you decide!

Ready to prove that winning is a breeze? Whether you are an experienced bettor or just lucky, come predict, play and maybe win some prizes!

And that’s the forecast for our latest Discord event – bet wisely, have fun, and maybe the sun will shine on your guesses. Happy forecasting!

Connect with the herd on Discord! Click here to join us now!

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